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Resort Brokers was founded by Wayne Keene and Gordon McGregor in 2002 to provide a specialised service to owners of tourism related properties and businesses.

“We are interested in developing innovative solutions for your business requirements ensuring the most positive outcome”

With over 45 years combined property experience between the two proprietors alone we can offer you a wealth of knowledge. We know the market and can portray your property or business in the best light


"Specialists with a unique approach"

We offer you unique marketing methods designed to present your business most favorably and with the right information which will ensure maximum attention from prospective purchasers .


“High tech sales methods”

Use of “high tech” presentations results in buyers gaining early insight into the inherent benefits offered for sale or lease. Resort Brokers has a well optimised website which addresses todays needs of having all information available from one spot.  Our listings have passworded documents including high quality scans, word documents, spreadsheets, leases, management agreements, market intelligence etc thus reducing the need for staggered information flow.

We have a policy of buying Google Adwords which means that potential buyers searching for our product will see our website before all others - even though we are well profiled in the non paid area.

Resort Brokers leads the way in marketing of tourism related properties and businesses.

“Service to the industry”

Resort Brokers has a policy of undertaking market research which is published on this site and distributed through our Email database.

Our dedication to the industry is also displayed through the provision of our free online registration of managers and relievers seeking positions.

“We are the market leaders”

We are specialist experts in selling tourism/hospitality related properties and businesses seeking to present opportunities in their best light, with an efficient and cost effective process, ensuring the best results possible within a particular market.

Tell us what more you would expect from market leaders and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements - we are always looking to lead through improvement.