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Why Resort Brokers

Our Points of Difference:

  • 14 brokers spread around the country – means 14 people charged with the sale of your property. Click here for details of our Team.
  • All our brokers are experienced in the industry or business and through the network we can solve any problem.
  • Fee sharing arrangements designed to encourage and ensure all the brokers work together – most agencies result in bottom drawer listings etc.
  • 2 senior directors are always on call to help with advice and assistance.
  • Focused website which is constantly upgraded and optimized.  We rank highly in search engines when you type “motels for sale”.  Your listing is easily found.

Your Cannot sell a Secret:

  • We also advertise on Trademe, Prime Business and Juwai (operates behind the Chinese wall).
  • Online database is updated with all the latest buyers and their particular requirements.

Correct Marketing is the Answer:

  • Only company producing an industry magazine that goes to over 4,200 people in the industry and registered buyers. Click here to go to our Tourism Informer section.
  • Research and reporting adding to the understanding of the industry.  We know what we are talking about and can portray a convincing optimistic view of the future 

Only Company to Focus on Media:

  • Advertising – we have a huge public profile with ½ page in the Business Section and ½ page in the Property Section of Sunday Star Times.
  • We sell many more motels than any other company - on average more than 1 a week.
  • We have buyers manuals, owners operation manuals, and sellers manuals

We are There to Succeed:

  • Our brokers are there fromcradle to grave - they sell you in then stay in touch offering assistance until you are ready to move on.