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Resort Brokers prides itself on helping moteliers from purchase to sale and everything in between.  Unlike some brokers, we form a partnership with you from the moment we meet to show you motels we have for sale.  

The sale of your motel is an important process and requires the broker to have the maximum exposure in the market, the most appropriate sales skills and a professional modus operandi where the buyer and seller alike feel comfortable with the process.

In choosing your broker you should always ask for a list of sales the broker has made in your area because, as is always the case, the proof is in the pudding. Resort Brokers sells more motels in New Zealand than any other company – there is a reason for that – we are the best at what we do, our systems are first class and our service impeccable. We settle, on average, at least one deal each and every week.

We would argue that the services that Resort Brokers can offer are not replicated in any meaningful way by any competitor in the market. Our people have been hand picked for industry knowledge and integrity.

We appreciate that the decision is always in the hands of the vendor but we would warn you against using a local agent as less than 5% of all motels would be sold by the likes. We would always encourage you to run with a specialist in the industry as such brokers not only know what they are talking about but can use their experience to convince the buyers. An inexperienced agent/broker can increase your risks of post sale litigation and seldom do they achieve the best price. 

• Do it once and do it right - Appoint the agent who can produce the results
and give him the tools to work with to get the job done.

• Pay peanuts and get monkeys - Only a broker who does not have access
to all the buyers and the tools of trade will discount fees, you may pay a
lower commission but the price you receive for your sale could be a loss,
not to mention the sub standard service you will receive, remember -
you get what you pay for.

• You can’t turn a pigs ear into a silk purse - Presentation counts but when
there are defects we cannot hide them and we should look for ways to
turn a problem into an opportunity.

• Less is more - Why have four brokerages out there slowly destroying your
business worth by competing with each other? Appoint one agent you
trust to get the sale through in a timely manner.

• Vendors are periodically in and out of the market. We LIVE the market.