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Immigration Specialists

Many immigrants have been successful in gaining immigration status and then residency in the past and it appears that New Zealand has a clear policy of openly welcoming suitably qualified individuals and families.

It has always been important for parties wishing to immigrate to our beautiful country to ensure that they plan the process carefully. Various specialist groups have been formed through the private sector to assist potential immigrants with this process ensuring that all documentation is completed correctly and presenting the candidate/s in the best light.

To be fair, some of these groups have been less effective than others and our Government has made moves to regulate the industry ensuring that you will be represented by the most qualified party. We will be reviewing this process and in future we will provide contact details of parties who may assist you in your application. In the interim, please contact us for our verbal recommendations.



Immigration New Zealand is part of the Labour Department and is the organization charged with implementing Government policy and reviewing potential immigrants. It is possible to deal with Immigration New Zealand direct which will inevitably save you money in fees but often your application will take longer to process and you may inhibit your chances of success. Please click on the link below to go direct to the Immigration New Zealand website.