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Information for Vendors

Entertainment & Media Broker's mission is simply to present the best-value proposition for your business and, to successfully broker its sale....
Pivotal to this objective, is our ability to deliver an accurate appraisal of the market price range, based on both transactional data and conventional valuation methodologies.

We will deploy our expertise and resources in determining a qualified buyer, and in negotiation, where the provision of solutions to problems as they arise, can affect the level of understanding between buyer and seller in driving a sale.

Our best endeavors of confidentiality and highest standards of practice are assured...

Initially, we will prepare a comprehensive Information Memorandum on your business.

And we have the unique advantage of offering ancillary services to further enhance the value proposition of your business...

In the publishing sector, the profitable adaptation of new paradigms of business model, can deliver a much higher premium for the business.

Murray Stott has considerable international and local experience with such innovations, especially with events into media platforms, and offers the following ancillary services:

  • IP/trademark audit ... to ensure that you indeed do have a statutory monopoly, in  your sector, for the use of your brand/business name etc;
  • Feasibility Reports and SMPs (Strategic Marketing Plans) on the adaptation of integrating new business models etc.