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Firstly we want to congratulate you for considering buying a tourism accommodation business/property. This should be a rich and rewarding experience for you and we want to help you get it right from the beginning.

Because Resort Brokers specialise exclusively in tourism and hospitality businesses and properties, we are uniquely placed to offer you sound, professional advice based on extensive market experience. Resort Brokers is the best equipped brokerage to assist you in your selection process when considering a motel as we sell more motels throughout New Zealand than any other company and our brokers are all experienced in the industry and will be able to help you make this very important choice.

Buying an accommodation or hospitality business or property may not suit everyone. Your success in this venture will depend on your skill, knowledge of the industry (or willingness to learn) and understanding of your market. That said, it is a sector offering investors tremendous potential for high returns and solid growth, and operators a lifestyle that combines business and pleasure, home and work. It is important that you buy a motel that suits your particular needs so that you can enjoy the experience and prosper in you new chosen career.

Our promise to buyers is to provide the highest possible standard of service and comprehensive quality information on which to base their purchase decision. This may include expert assistance with demographic and market information that may influence your trading and growth prospects.

Further, we stress the importance of dealing through proven experts in this sector, professionals with direct expertise and a strong track record in the industry.

When you consider the various investment models you will also need to consider financial resources. While individual circumstances vary, as a rule of thumb, lending institutions will generally fund towards the purchase of a motel, up to 60% of the freehold value and 30%-40% of the leasehold value, and for management rights up to 80% of the unit value and between 30%-40% of the business value. This is of course dependent on individual circumstances and it is advisable to speak with your mortgage broker to confirm your borrowing capacity.